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Within Research at North Bristol NHS Trust, we are dedicated to making research both relevant and accessible to the general public, to patients and their carers.

Clinical research helps us understand how to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It focuses on people, and many clinical research studies directly involve patients to see which medicines or medical treatments work best for the patient.

At North Bristol NHS Trust each year over 7,000 patients take part in research with more than 500 research staff undertaking over 500 studies each year across the organisation.

Innovation is also key at the Trust, and we work closely with our regional partners to develop new healthcare products and services designed to benefit our patients.

Latest News

Becky Cousins 2

My Role in Research: Rebecca Cousins – Lead Research Nurse

Rebecca Cousins is Lead Research Nurse for the Urology team at North Bristol NHS Trust. She has recruited Research Nurses without previous research experience and shares her thoughts on the support available for this path, how she got involved in research, and why she feels she’s making an impact with her work. “We get the satisfaction of engaging hospital patients in research and then following their progress.” Find out more about a Lead Research Nurse’s role
Dr Tom Roberts 2

My Role in Research: Dr. Tom Roberts – Emergency Care Researcher

Dr. Tom Roberts is a multi-award-winning Emergency Care Registrar whose enthusiasm for asking questions has paved the way for a career in Research. We spoke to Tom to find out how he got involved in research and what he’s working on.

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