COVID-19 Researcher

COVID-19 Research

Patient having a blood test


Our initial analysis of blood-based biomarkers from patients with COVID-19.

NHS Prescription


An investigation into five therapeutic drugs to improve patient treatment.

Patient wearing an oxygen mask

Recovery (RS)

Respiratory Support study looking at treatments to maintain high oxygen levels.

Patient lying in bed


Looking at treatments to improve survival and recovery of patients with pneumonia.

Pregnant woman


A surveillance study focussed on women hospitalised with COVID-19 during pregnancy.

Newborn holding hands with its mother


Investigating birth outcomes in pregnant women admitted to hospital with COVID-19.

NBT doctors in surgery


Looking at the impact of infectivity within aerosols caused by medical equipment.

Patient receiving a blood glucose test


An assessment of the safety of treatment for hospitalised patients with diabetes.

Nurse collecting data with an iPad


A rapid data collection study responding to outbreak-prone infectious diseases.

Patient performing a mouth swab


Determining the accuracy of new and faster testing to improve patient care.

Nurse holding a face mask


Looking at genes which cause some people to be more susceptible to infections.

Patient wearing a face mask, lying in hospital bed


Aiming to identify longer-term health problems associated with COVID-19.

Patient coughing into the crease of his arm


A large surveillance study on patients with a lower respiratory tract infection.

Nurse with Cancer Patient


Investigating the impact of COVID-19 on patients being treated for cancer.

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