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The UKOSS study has been developed to inform ongoing guidance for pregnant women and maternity staff as we continue to respond to the pandemic.

This is a national UK obstetrics surveillance system for women hospitalised with confirmed COVID-19 in pregnancy, with information being analysed on a continuous basis to seek the best possible outcomes for these patients and their babies.

Here, Senior Research Midwife, Mary Alvarez, shares more about the UKOSS COVID-19 research study:

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mary Alvarez and I'm a Senior Research Midwife here in the Maternity Unit.

I'd like to tell you a little bit about the UKOSS COVID-19 study. This National Institute for Health Research-supported study is a national study of women hospitalised with confirmed COVID-19 in pregnancy.

The study uses UK obstetric surveillance system or UKOSS established in 2005 to record rare complications of pregnancy, to collect information about all pregnant women admitted to hospital who are confirmed to have had the viral infection. 

The information is being analysed on continuous basis to inform ongoing guidance for women and maternity staff as we respond to pandemic.

The anonymised information will describe the instance, management and outcomes of COVID-19 in pregnancy and identify factors associated with better outcomes for women and their babies.

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