Southmead Hospital Charity Research Fund - Public Panel

Interested in joining our Southmead Hospital Charity Research Public Panel? 

The Public Panel are members of the public who help us to review applications of potential research projects. Public members do not need any research experience. The panel provide feedback to shortlisted applicants and make a decision who will be awarded the money to carry out their proposed research project.

Discover some of the frequently asked questions below. 

For more information and to apply to be a member, please email

SHC - Public Panel

What is Southmead Hospital Charity Research Fund?

  • A charitable fund established in 2006.
  • Applications are assessed in a two stage process
  • Supports research projects from all clinical areas, led by researchers of all levels of experience.
  • Supports high quality research projects with the potential for making a real impact within the NHS. 

Why do we have a public panel?

Benefits for research and healthcare:

  • Members of the public should help decide how donated public funds are spent 
  • Bring a unique perspective
  • Ensures that the process is focused on what is important to patients.
  • Ensure research has considered the participants point of view

Do I need any experience to take part in the public panel?

  • Everyone is welcome on the Public Panel, no previous experience needed. 
  • All perspectives are equally important 

When is the Public Panel taking place?

Two meetings will be held one around the end of July and the second at the end of September.

What is involved if I take part?

  • There will be a short introduction/training session about taking part- 1hr long
  • You will be expected to read and comment on Researchers applications for Funding before attending the meetings
    • The minimum you will need to read is a summary written in plain English of around one page long (500 words) per application
    • We expect there will be around 8-12 applications
    • We ask you to fill in a feedback form (4 questions) to get your comments on the researchers’ applications
    • We give you at least two weeks to read and comment on the applications
  • You will be expected to attend two panel meetings
    • The meetings are two hours long (with breaks) and will most likely be held online
    • In the meetings panel is split into smaller groups and discuss their opinions of the applications with one of our Facilitators
  • We ask two volunteers from our public panel to attend the awarding meeting to represent the views of the panel

Will I receive re-imbursement for my time?

  • You will receive payment for two hours of pre reading per meeting at £25 per hour and £5 for home working 
  • You will receive payment for attending the meetings at £25 per hour and £5 for home working

Southmead Hospital Charity Research Fund - Public Panel