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Health research is about asking questions and finding new ways of improving patient care

Here at NBT, research is led by and carried out by clinical and non-clinical teams that include Nurses, Midwives, Doctors, Administrators, Clinical Trial Officers, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Clinical Librarians and more.

If you have an idea for research or would like to develop a career as an independent researcher, we can offer comprehensive support. This could include help with grant and training applications or navigating the research system.

We've spoken to people working in research carrying out many different roles. Read about or watch our My Role In Research colleagues.

People can become experts in their everyday surroundings, so they’re the ones best placed to solve problems or develop evidence through research. Whether you’re in a clinical or non-clinical role, we’re looking to increase the range of roles carrying out research at NBT. 

This webinar gives a good introduction to Research.

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We're here to help! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my study is research?

Research can be defined as the attempt to derive generalisable or transferable new knowledge to answer or refine relevant questions with scientifically sound methods. This excludes: audit; needs assessments; quality improvement and other local service evaluations. It also excludes routine banking of biological samples or data, except where this activity is integral to a self-contained research project designed to test a clear hypothesis.

If you are in any doubt, please contact the Research Development & Grants team – we can support your project or signpost you to a more appropriate team, if required. 

I am very busy in my current role, but I would like to get involved in research. Is there any way I can combine it with my day-to-day role?

Yes. There are lots of opportunities to get involved in research, including developing a project or grant application of your own, as part of your role. The R&D Department have funding available to cover your time to work in research. This would be discussed on a case-by-case basis with your department, so please get in touch with the Research Development & Grants team who can support you with conversations with your line manager and clinical division.

Do I need to have experience in research to write up a research proposal?

Research ideas and grant applications are welcome from everyone, no matter how much (or little) prior experience you have. The Research Development & Grants team can provide additional support to those that need it, especially if you are new to research.

Who should I contact to help me with costing my grant application and developing my project?

Please email the Research Development & Grants team:

What support can the Research Development & Grants team offer me?

The Research Development and Grants team can support you from early stages of developing a research idea. We can help to find suitable funding opportunities, calculate costs for an established proposal, and navigate systems for submitting your grant application, and much more.

When is it appropriate to reach out to the Research Development and Grants team?

Any time! From just having a brief idea for a research project, to needing final costings on a grant application. You can speak to the Research Development & Grants team at any stage of your research development. The sooner you contact us the better though, and the team will provide tailored support.

How long will it take to cost my research project for my grant application?

This is dependent on your project. But the Research Development and Grants team can support you with every aspect of your costing. The sooner you get in touch with us (i.e. as soon as you begin writing your grant application) the more support we can offer.

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