Covid-19 research ReMap CAP study

Covid-19 research (Remap CAP study)

There is currently no known treatment for Covid-19. So far, over 30,000 people are taking part in a range of NIHR supported COVID-19 research studies across the UK.

The purpose of this research is to compare a combination of antibiotics for patients who have been admitted to ICU to discover which combination is the best at improving survival and recovery for patients with pneumonia.

Dr Matt Thomas talks about the Remap CAP study at North Bristol NHS Trust.


Video Transcript:

Matt Thomas is my name and I'm a Consultant in Intensive Care here at Southmead Hospital and I'm the Principal Investigator for the Remap CAP study which is currently recruiting patients in the Intensive Care unit. Remap CAP is a really exciting study that's now running in 13 countries worldwide from North America through Europe down into Australia in New Zealand. And the reason it's exciting for us is the trial design is very new, it's called an adaptive trial and that means that we can test multiple different interventions simultaneously and retain a lot of flexibility about the interventions that are available for patients here at Southmead and those that they might be able to benefit from. So the study is designed that the interventions that look beneficial are selected out and patients have a greater chance of receiving them and interventions that are maybe not so beneficial tend to be lost from the study early. So we have a number running here we have antiviral interventions, we have those that modify the immune system, we have anticoagulation and we have steroids. And one that is coming in the UK but we are not participating in is the immunoglobulin domain. So as of today we have ten patients recruited and I think that's a reflection of the very hard work that the Covid research team are doing communicating with patients and their families to make sure we get as many patients recruited as possible to this important work.

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