Breast Areola Tattoo Clinic

The Areola Tattoo Clinic is run the Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS); Naomi Day and Lorraine Peall and both are fully trained to offer this service.

At this clinic we offer and perform nipple tattooing to all patients that have had nipples removed as part for their initial surgery at Bristol Breast Care Centre.

Health Care Assistant in consulting room
The tattoo is a semi-permanent tattoo, using semi-permanent pigment (ink), of the areola complex offering a 3D image of the nipple on your breast.  We can offer single areola tattoos or bilateral tattoos.

A patch test is completed before the full tattoo is offered to ensure your skin is going to tolerate the tattoo ink and that you are not going to get an allergic reaction to it.

The whole process of tattooing takes about an hour and we do use a local anaesthetic cream.

There isn’t a time limit for having areola tattooing. You can be tattooed at any time after surgery as long as you have been a patient at Bristol Breast Care Centre. Some patients who don’t want to have reconstructive surgery just have the areola tattooing.

The Clinical Nurse Specialists will offer you a follow up appointment and occasionally tattoo top ups may be required.

Alternatively, this service can be offered on a self-funded basis. Please contact the centre for further information about this.