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SWNODN Clinicians

The South West Neuromuscular Operational Delivery Network (SWNODN) aims to provide health and social care professionals in the South West with a world-class level of knowledge, support and training for working with people with rare neuromuscular conditions.  This will ensure that patients have the best possible care and experience from NHS Services across specialities and are able to access the appropriate support closer to where they live to better manage their condition. 

The SWNODN run a number of events around the region with the remit of sharing best practice and ensuring healthcare professionals are confident when working with individuals with neuromuscular conditions.   

If you are one of the many professionals who work with people with a neuromuscular condition, please ensure you get to hear about our work and events by joining our professionals mailing list (it’s free!).  To join the mailing list, please email: swneuromuscularodn@nbt.nhs.uk

To find out more about helping to shape neuromuscular services please see the get involved section.

If you have a question please see our Virtual Advisor section.  If you can’t see an answer to your question, please email us swneuromuscularodn@nbt.nhs.uk

Contact SWNODN

South West Neuromuscular Operational Delivery Network
Office 7, Gate 18, Level 1, Brunel Building
Southmead Hospital
BS10 5NB

Telephone:  0117 4141184
or 0117 4141185

E-mail: swneuromuscularodn@nbt.nhs.uk