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Information on neuromuscular clinics are available to you in Somerset. If you are unsure about any of the information please contact the Network Coordinator.  For any specific information about neuromuscular clinic appointments, please contact the relevant hospital or speak to your Neuromuscular Advisor.

To find out about other support and resources in your area, you may find Muscular Dystrophy UK's Neuromuscular Support and Resources Hub helpful. This includes an interactive map in which you can select your location and service/support required. 

In our Virtual Advisor section we have also created some Resource Packs for each county which you may find helpful.

Please also remember that you can contact your Neuromuscular Advisor in between clinic appointments if you need any advice or support.

Paediatric Neuromuscular Clinics

The SWNODN consultants do not currently provide a paediatric neuromuscular clinic in Somerset.  The closest paediatric neuromuscular clinic for families in Somerset would be in Bristol.  Please click on the Bristol link to find out more. 

Transition Clinics

The SWNODN consultants do not currently provide a designated neuromuscular transition clinic in Somerset.  However, we do have close links with the local Paediatricians in Somerset who may attend Dr Merrison’s Adult Neuromuscular Clinic in Taunton on the afternoon of the second Monday of the month.  This can be discussed with your Paediatrician and Dr Merrison prior to attending the adult clinic. The aim of the joint appointment is to help with the smooth transfer of children and their families from paediatric to adult neurology services.

Adult Neuromuscular Clinics


Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton

Who will you see:

Dr Stefen Brady, Consultant Neurologist
Nicola Grose (nee Doran), Neuromuscular Physiotherapist
Ann Morgan, Neuromuscular Advisor


Dr Brady holds a neuromuscular clinic on the 2nd Monday morning of every month.

Contact Details:

Enquiries about neuromuscular clinic appointments can be made via 01823 342139.

Useful information:

Joint Clinics

The SWNODN consultants do not currently provide any joint specialty clinics in Somerset.  The closest joint clinics for families in Somerset would be in Bristol.

Contact SWNODN

South West Neuromuscular Operational Delivery Network
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Telephone:  0117 4141184
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