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South West Interest in Muscles (SWIM) Conference

The SW Neuromuscular ODN deliver a SWIM Conference twice a year.  The Conference is open to clinicians and allied healthcare professionals who have an interest in neuromuscular conditions.  It's a great opportunity to network with colleagues in other specialties and organisations in the South West.  The conference is usually themed around neuromuscular conditions or focusing on points in the patients care pathway across other related specialties.  


Details about the next SWIM Conference:

South West Interest in Muscles (SWIM) Conference - Thursday 29 November 2018

The next SWIM Conference will be held on Thursday 29 November 2018 at Taunton Rugby Club.  The title of the conference is "Moaning Muscles and Miserable Mitochondria - The Metabolic Myopathies".  A preliminary programme giving details of speakers and talks can be viewed here: PDF iconSWNODN SWIM Programme 29 Nov 18 (Draft).pdf  

You can register for a place by clicking on this link to Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/south-west-interest-in-muscles-swim-conference-29-november-2018-tickets-50122715391

If you would like to be notified of future SWIM conferences, please contact the SW Neuromuscular Office by email (swneuromuscularodn@nbt.nhs.uk) and request to be added to our mailing list.


Details about most recent SWIM Conferences:

South West Interest in Muscles (SWIM) Conference - Thursday 21 June 2018

Theme - Myasthenia Gravis and related disorders

  • Myasthenia Gravis PDF iconSWNODN SWIMJun18 - David Hilton-Jones.pdf
    Dr David Hilton-Jones, Consultant Neurologist, Oxford Neuromuscular Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital
  • The Surgical Management of Myasthenia Gravis  PDF iconSWNODN SWIMJun18 - Tim Batchelor.pdf
    Mr Tim Batchelor, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust
  • Bone Health in Neuromuscular Disease  PDF iconSWNODN SWIMJun18 - Emma Clark.pdf
    Dr Emma Clark, Consultant Rheumatologist, North Bristol NHS Trust
  • Case study (presentation not available to public) 
    Dr Rebecca Garland, Neurology Registrar, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust
  • Congenital Myasthenic Syndromes  PDF iconSWNODN SWIMJun18 - Pinki Munot.pdf
    Dr Pinki Munot, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Dubowitz Neuromuscular Centre, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
  • Myasthenia Gravis from a Physiotherapy Perspective  PDF iconSWNODN SWIMJun18 - Vic Selby.pdf
    Vic Selby, Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust


South West Interest in Muscles (SWIM) Conference - Thursday 23 November 2017

Theme - Neuropathies

  • Inflammatory Neuropathies PDF iconSWNODN SWIMNov17 - Simon Rinaldi .pdf
    Dr Simon Rinaldi, MRC Clinician Scientist & Senior Clinical Researcher, University of Oxford 
  • Hereditary Neuropathies  PDF iconSWNODN SWIMNov17 - Alex Rosser.pdf
    Dr Alex Rosser, Wellcome Trust Postdoctural Clinical Fellow and Honorary Consultant Neurologist, University College London
  • Genetic testing for inherited peripheral neuropathies: recent audit data and the importance of familial testing  PDF iconSWNODN SWIMNov17 - Natalie Forrester.pdf
    Dr Natalie Forrester, Clinical Scientist, North Bristol NHS Trust
  • Case Studies  (presentation not available to public)
    Dr Arni Majumdar, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • CMT and interventions to improve balance  PDF iconSWNODN SWIMNov17 - Magda Dudziec.pdf
    Magda Dudziec, Research Physiotherapist, MRC Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases, University College London Hospitals 


  • Orthotics and other aids in Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT)  PDF iconSWNODN SWIMNov17 - Kevin Mann.pdf
    Kevin Mann, Senior Orthotist, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust
  • Surgical Management of Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT)  PDF iconSWNODN SWIMNov17 - Rod Hammett.pdf
    Mr Rod Hammett, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Taunton & Somerset NHS Foundation Trust


Past SWIM Themes

Below is a list of some of the past SWIM Themes.  If you would like further information, please contact the SW Neuromuscular office on 0117 4141184 or e-mail swneuromuscularodn@nbt.nhs.uk.

  • 23 November 2017 - Neuropathies
  • 8 June 2017 - Respiratory and Neuromuscular Disease
  • 1 December 2016 - The New Genetics: Transforming Research in Neuromuscular Disease
  • 19 May 2016 - Psychology related to Neuromuscular conditions / Transition from paediatric to adult neurology services
  • 19 November 2015 - Neuromuscular disorders and Scoliosis Surgery / Orthopaedic considerations in Neuromuscular conditions
  • 23 April 2015 - Neuromuscular disorders and their impact on child, family and society / Neuromuscular disorders and the heart
  • 20 November 2014 - Transition and Genetics
  • 8 May 2014 - Muscles and Mitochondria in Neuromuscular disorders / Metabolic conditions
  • 21 November 2013 - Bones in Neuromuscular disorders
  • 23 May 2013 - Respiratory issues in Neuromuscular disorders - paediatric and adults
  • 22 November 2012 - Palliative Care
  • 14 May 2012 - Neuromuscular disorders and the heart
  • 1 December 2012 - Myasthenic and Myotonic conditions
  • 5 May 2011 - Bone health and neuropathy
  • 18 March 2010 - Cardiac, Physiotherapy, Spinal Complications and Respiratory care
Other Events for Clinicians and Allied Healthcare Professionals

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