SWNODN Consultant room

SWNODN Clinics

The South West Neuromuscular Operational Delivery Network (SWNODN) team deliver paediatric and adult neuromuscular outpatient clinics across the South West. They also run a number of transition clinics to streamline the transfer from paediatric to adult clinics. The clinics are run by a SWNODN Consultant Neurologist, or Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, who are supported by a Specialist Neuromuscular Advisor and a Specialist Physiotherapist.  A Specialist Clinical Psychologist is available in the adult service. 

As many neuromuscular conditions can affect other organs in the body, the SWNODN Consultants also attend a number of joint specialty clinics across the region where they work in collaboration with other consultants who may specialise in cardiology, respiratory, genetics, for example.  This is to ensure patients get the best quality care in the most convenient location possible, with the correct specialists.


A consultant paediatric neurologist standing in the waiting room of a hospital clinic

Paediatric Clinics

Dr Anirban Majumdar and Dr Archana Murugan, both Consultant Paediatric Neurologists with the Network, run a weekly paediatric neuromuscular clinic in the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.  They also attend other hospitals around the region to either run, or work with a local Paediatrician, to deliver neuromuscular clinics.   


The SWNODN Neuromuscular Advisors and Paediatric Neuromuscular Physiotherapists often attend other outpatient clinics run by Paediatricians who have professional links with the Network. 


Transition Clinics

Transition clinics form part of the pathway of care between paediatric and adult neurology services. Their purpose is to streamline the process of transferring between the services and support the young adult and their family. The transition clinics are held across the South West.  They are attended by the paediatric and adult Consultant Neurologists, the paediatric and adult Neuromuscular Physiotherapists, a Specialist Clinical Psychologist and a Neuromuscular Advisor.


Adult Clinics

Dr Andria Merrison runs a weekly clinic at Southmead Hospital Bristol and delivers an outreach neuromuscular clinic in Gloucestershire.  Dr Clare Wood-Allum runs clinics at Southmead Hospital Bristol one to two times per month and runs regular clinics in Mount Gould Hospital in Plymouth and Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro.  Both consultants attend joint clinics with consultants who may specialise in cardiology, respiratory and genetics.


Joint Specialty Clinics

The Paediatric and Adult Neurologists all attend clinics where patients can be seen with other doctors who specialise in different areas of medicine, for example, Cardiologists, Respiratory Consultants or Geneticists. This provides a holistic approach to medical care as well as reducing the amount of clinics that patients may have to attend to get this specialist advice in one place. You may also see the Specialist Physiotherapist and Neuromuscular Advisor in these clinics.