Certificate in Urodynamics Course


2018 confirmed dates:

  • 22 - 24th January - London FULL
  • 29 - 31st January - Bristol FULL
  • 5 - 7th March - Bristol
  • 14 - 16th March - Manchester
  • 30th April to 2nd May - Birmingham
  • 4 - 6th June - London
  • 11 - 13th June - Bristol
  • 5 - 7th November - London
  • Dates for Newcastle are still to be confirmed

Download  Microsoft Office document iconCertificate in Urodynamics App form 2018.doc

This is a 3-day course that is more concerned with ensuring the quality of urodynamics (UDS) practice, the interpretation of UDS traces, and the role of UDS in the management of the different patient groups. The course finishes on the third day with a multiple choice and trace-based test.  The course is approved by the International Continence Society and has CME approval from the British Association of Urological Surgeons.

Intended delegates:  doctors, nurses, technicians and anyone allied to urodynamics who have some urodynamic experience.

Learning Points



  • appreciation of the philosophy behind urodynamic studies (UDS) as part of patient investigation

  • knowledge of the basic physical principles behind the measurement of flow and pressure

  • knowledge of the role of UDS in investigating children, women, men and neurological patients 

  • ability to recognise artefacts seen during UDS, and the knowledge of how to correct them

  • ability to interpret urodynamic traces

  • knowledge of the techniques of basic and specialist urodynamics, including urethral function and video-UDS


Course Director: Dr Hashim Hashim

Course Administrator: Karen Evely        

The Certificate of Urodynamic Courses is run in Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and London.

Fees: £535 (not including accommodation).