BUI Andrology

Andrology & Male Urethral Reconstruction

Andrology is a subsection of Urology which deals with problems affecting the male reproductive system. These conditions may present as emergencies or through our outpatient clinics.

We currently have an experienced team of 4 consultants and a senior specialist Andrology nurse with over 15 years of experience.

We provide care for the whole or Bristol and act as a tertiary referral centre for South-West England.

We also have a long tradition of research following on from the Dr Gingell who did the original UK research on Viagra.

In addition, we have had 4 MDs in collaboration with the cardiac institute researching the various factors causing erectile dysfunction.

Andrology Team

Prof Raj Persad
Mr Salah Al-buhessi
Mr David Dickerson
Mr Rupert Beck
Miss Wendy Hurn

We manage the following conditions:

This is an abnormal prolonged erection which requires emergency treatment.

Penile fracture
This is due to a tear in the lining (tunica albuginea) of the penile erectile apparatus. This requires emergency surgical treatment.

This is a twist in the tube from which the testis is suspended (spermatic cord). This results in the blood supply to the testis being cut off. It requires emergency surgery to untwist the spermatic cord rapidly or it results in loss of the testis.

Genito-urinary trauma

Erectile dysfunction
This is an inability to either develop or sustain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. It is common and often very distressing. It may be due to medical conditions such as diabetes or following surgery for cancer.

Ejaculatory disorders including premature ejaculation
This is an abnormality of the expulsion of semen. It is a very distressing condition and is probably the most common sexual dysfunction in men.

Penile curvature
This condition is either present lifelong (congenital penile curvature) or may develop over time (Peyronie’s disease). Peyronie’s disease is due to scarring of the tunica albuginea thereby creating a plaque.

Urethral stricture disease
This is a scarring condition of the male waterpipe (urethra). This results in difficulty passing urine and emptying the bladder.

We also offer the following treatments:

  • Penile prosthesis
    This may be inserted electively or as an emergency. The indications are for end stage erectile dysfunction, prolonged priapism or severe penile curvature associated with erectile dysfunction.
  • Surgery for penile curvature
    This is either a Nesbitt’s plication or a Lue procedure. The aim of both procedures is to create a straight and functional penis. Nesbitt’s involves the excision of part of the penile tissue. A Lue involves incision of the Peyronie’s plaque and the insertion of a graft.
  • Urethroplasty
    This is the excision and repair of the urethra which has been affected by stricture disease. This may involves the insertion of a graft.
  • Penectomy and penile reconstruction
    This is the excision of some or all of the penis due to cancer. Where only part of the penis has been removed, we also offer surgery to re-fashion the penis so it looks as close to normal as possible. This is penile reconstruction. Penile reconstruction may also be offered where the penis or foreskin has been affected by non-cancerous conditions.

Men with non-emergency conditions may be referred to us via their GP through NHS eReferrals to our andrology clinics either at Southmead or at South Bristol.

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