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The BUI-BioMed research laboratory is a recognized Centre of Excellence that supports ongoing research projects and provides a bespoke service to commercial companies in assisting with their product development, product positioning and pre-market analysis. We utilise a range of different methodologies to deliver projects including:

  • In vitro Bladder models,
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry,
  • Electron Microscopy,
  • Molecular microbiology techniques. The laboratory is working towards the ISO 15189:2007 standard and has a range of validated models that can be utilised for testing purposes. Examples of testing undertaken in the laboratory include;
  • Evaluation of novel catheter designs,
  • Evaluation of novel anti-microbial coatings and polymers,
  • Development and assessment of novel strategies for inhibiting crystalline biofilm formation on catheters,
  • Evaluation of the infection process and biofilm formation on catheters.

Laboratory testing of products and devices in our model systems is recognised by the MHRA / FDA, and can avoid the need for animal testing, being a good precursor for clinical evaluation.

Physiology Laboratory

The BUI Physiology laboratory has a validated large animal (pig) bladder model that allows assessment of the integrative physiology and pharmacology of the whole bladder by administering drugs through arterial and intravesical routes, pressure recording and filming of the surface micromotions. (Parsons et al.(2012) Front Pharmacol 3: 52)

Evaluation Laboratory

The BUI Evaluation Laboratory is equipped for testing and evaluating urology equipment, particularly urodynamic equipment. The laboratory contains a two channel pressure chamber, precise weight and pressure measurement devices and a LabView data capture system.

We have produced the "Buyers' Guide for Urodynamic Equipment" and an "Evaluation Report" for the UK Department of Health.

Buyers' Guide for Urodynamic Equipment

CEP09037.pdf411.28 KB

Evaluation Report

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We have also evaluated both air-filled and newly-developed pressure measurement catheters, assessed new catheter baloon design and tested the dynamic response of tubing used in urodynamics.

For further information please contact Dr Nicola Morris either by calling 0117 4138734 or email nicola.morris@bui.ac.uk

BUI Laboratory Research