Basic Urodynamics Course


12 & 13 May 2021 - No bookings currently being taken

The March Basic UDS course was cancelled due to the Coronavirus. The rescheduled date in October 2020 has also been cancelled. Delegates who were booked on the cancelled courses will be given priority places in 2021. Once we are able to establish how many vacancies there are on the course in May 2021 we will update this webpage and incorporate booking details. 

There are plans to run a 2nd course in 2021 and again details will be uploaded as soon as we are able to confirm that we can resume face to face courses. 

About the Course:

The first day covers the theory of urodynamics and the second day is “hands on” with urodynamic equipment and the urodynamic staff.

Intended delegates: doctors, nurses, technicians and/or anyone allied to urodynamics who have little or no urodynamic experience.

Learning Points:

  • appreciation of the philosophy  behind urodynamic studies (UDS) as part of patient investigation
  • basic knowledge of the principles behind the measurement of urine flow and pressure
  • basic knowledge of the techniques of flow and pressure measurement
  • ability to interpret straightforward urodynamic traces
  • appreciation of the artefacts seen during UDS
  • basic ability to operate urodynamic equipment

Course Director: Professor Paul Abrams
Course Administration: Kirsten Klevmark and Karen Evely

Cost: £435

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Basic Urodynamics Course

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Kirsten Klevmark
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