Basic Urodynamics Course

Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 October 2024

Bookings being taken now. Application form to reserve a place is available via the Basic Urodynamics Registration Form.

About the course

This is a two day Basic UDS course run at the Watershed Conference Centre in the centre of Bristol. The dates are 14 & 15 October 2024

The course covers the theory of urodynamics and offers some hands on sessions with urodynamic equipment and the urodynamic staff.  

Intended delegates: doctors, nurses, technicians and/or anyone allied to urodynamics who have little or no urodynamic experience.

Learning points

  • appreciation of the philosophy behind urodynamic studies (UDS) as part of patient investigation
  • basic knowledge of the principles behind the measurement of urine flow and pressure
  • basic knowledge of the techniques of flow and pressure measurement
  • ability to interpret straightforward urodynamic traces
  • appreciation of the artefacts seen during UDS
  • basic ability to operate urodynamic equipment

Course Director: Professor Paul Abrams

Cost: £480

Course Administration: Karen Evely

For further information contact

Basic Urodynamics Course

For more information contact:  

Karen Evely
Telephone:  0117 4147942

Bristol Urological Institute
Southmead Hospital
BS10 5NB