Urology One Stop Clinic

The BUI Urology One-Stop Clinic has been set up to provide a more efficient service for newly referred patients with quicker diagnosis. The service brings members of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) (doctors, specialist nurses and whenever possible radiographers) to one place so that you do not have to travel around the hospital for different appointments and tests.

At the clinic you will be seen by a urology consultant or registrar/ fellow. You may also be seen by a radiology consultant or
sonographer. A team of nurses and specialist nurses support the clinic.

Before your appointment you may be sent some leaflets or paper work to fill in prior to the clinic; we will contact you if this is the case by telephone or post to explain what is required of you, it is very important that you read the leaflets and complete the paperwork so that we have all the information when you attend clinic.

You may be asked to attend your GP for a blood test or a urine sample before your clinic appointment, it is important that you do get this done as it will help us with your diagnosis.

Your appointments could last up to four hours depending on the nature of your problem and number of tests that you need to have. Most people that attend the clinic will be asked to provide a further urine sample on their arrival in the clinic. You may also need some further tests.

Please bring anything to your appointment that will help us understand your problem better, for example, a list of current medications including those prescribed, medicines you have bought or alternative medicines e.g. herbal remedies.

You don’t have to bring anyone with you to clinic but most people find that it is useful to bring someone with them to the

  • Urine Test: This will be required in the clinic, the nurses will ask you when they require it. Please do not pass urine without asking the nurses if they need a sample first.
  • Flow rate: This is a test which measures the rate of your urinary flow. You will need to have a full bladder and will be
    asked to pass water into a special machine. It is not advised that you attend the clinic with a full bladder but it may be
    required of you whilst you are at the clinic.
  • IPSS Score: This is a questionnaire. You may be asked to fill it in while you are waiting to see the doctor.
  • Ultrasound: This test will be done in the radiology department.
  • Flexible Cystoscopy: A cystoscopy is a procedure that looks inside the bladder and parts of the urinary system.
    It involves inserting a tube, into the urethra (water pipe) and then passing it through to the bladder. An anaesthetic gel is
    used to numb the urethra before the procedure.
  • Prostate biopsy: A prostate biopsy is where small samples of tissue are taken from your prostate gland, using an ultrasound device passed through your back passage to guide your doctor. If appropriate this test will be discussed with you and if it is agreed you will be prepared for it and invited back within 1 week.
  • Blood tests
  • X-rays: This test will be done in the radiology department.
  • CT Scan: A CT (computerised tomography) scanner is a special kind of X-ray machine. They allow doctors to inspect the inside of the body without having to operate or perform unpleasant examinations. This test cannot be offered on the same day as this clinic however you will be invited back as soon as possible and you will attend the radiology department.