Expert in Urodynamics Course

2019 Course date to be confirmed

This 2 day course is being run at Engineers House in Bristol. The course looks at the role of urodynamics (UDS) in more complex patients including those who present diagnostic and management challenges.

Intended delegates:  doctors, nurses, technicians and/or allied health-care professionals (AHPs) with extensive urodynamic experience. Delegates will be asked to submit their own “problem cases” for discussion.

Learning Points:

  • detailed knowledge of the physical principles behind UDS measurement
  • knowledge of the indications for specialist urodynamics, including urethral function studies, video-UDS and ambulatory monitoring
  • ability to interpret complex urodynamic traces
  • ability to recognise difficult artefacts seen during UDS, and the knowledge of how to correct them
  • exploration of the benefits of UDS in managing difficult LUT problems in children, women, men and neurological patients by case-based discussions

Course Director: Professor Marcus Drake
Course Administrator: Karen Evely        


  • £420; Seniors
  • £340; AHPs, trainees etc.

please contact Karen Evely if you wish to make an enquiry about our 2019 course.