Expert in Urodynamics Course

13th September 2021

This will be the first time the Expert UDS course has been run as a  1 day online course.

The course looks at the role of urodynamics (UDS) in more complex patients including those who present diagnostic and management challenges.

Intended delegates:  doctors, nurses, technicians and/or allied health-care professionals (AHPs) with extensive urodynamic experience. Delegates will be asked to submit their own “problem cases” for discussion.

Learning Points:

  • detailed knowledge of the physical principles behind UDS measurement
  • knowledge of the indications for specialist urodynamics, including urethral function studies, video-UDS and ambulatory monitoring
  • ability to interpret complex urodynamic traces
  • ability to recognise difficult artefacts seen during UDS, and the knowledge of how to correct them
  • exploration of the benefits of UDS in managing difficult LUT problems in children, women, men and neurological patients by case-based discussions

Course Director: Professor Marcus Drake
Course Administrator: Karen Evely        

Fees: £230

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Expert in Urodynamics Course

For more information, contact:

Karen Evely
Telephone: +44117 4147942

Bristol Urological Institute
Southmead Hospital
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