North Bristol NHS Trust has become the only trust in the UK to be serving patient meals with the prestigious Silver ‘Food for Life’ Catering Mark accreditation from the Soil Association.

The Silver Food for Life catering mark was awarded for our patient meals that provide:

  • A high proportion of freshly prepared dishes for example Vegetable Cottage Pie, Chicken Korma or Braised Beef & Mushrooms.
  • Farm Assured meat
  • Free range eggs
  • Free of undesirable additives
  • Menus catering for different religious and cultural beliefs and for those who require specialised diets
  • 100% organic mince beef from John Sheppard in Ashley Parade, Bristol
  • Ice cream from Marshfield Farm, near Bath
  • Family-run Gundenham Dairy in Wellington supplies our milk from a herd of 350 Holstein Friesians, grazing on 500 acres of Somerset pastureland.
  • Bread and cakes come from a local bakery in Yatton, North Somerset.
  • Wiltshire Farm assured ham and cheese from Somerset
  • Fish and fish dishes are from sustainable stocks and come from a supplier in St Philip’s, Bristol.

We serve 3 daily meals on all our wards. All our meals meet a minimum nutritional standard.

We have introduced protected mealtimes where non urgent clinical tasks stop (e.g. ward rounds, bloods being taken) so that you will not be disturbed during mealtimes. Wards are kept quiet, creating a calm environment for eating.

Bedside menus are provided to help you decide what meals to choose from a range of options. If you have any requirements or cannot see anything that suits, please tell a nurse or housekeeper. Please also tell us if you eat a particular diet because of your religion or culture.

Snacks and hot drinks are available 24-hours a day. Please ask your nurse or a housekeeper if you want further advice. 

Sometimes, because of an operation or as part of your treatment, you will not be allowed to eat or drink. Your nurse will explain this to you.