Patient Initiated Follow-Up

Patient Initiated Follow-Up at Southmead Hospital

We are now offering some of our patients the opportunity to initiate their own follow-up outpatient appointment.  This means that instead of the hospital automatically arranging a follow-up appointment, you will be able to contact us if you need a follow-up appointment, within an agreed timescale. 

If patient-initiated follow-up is suitable for you, your clinician will discuss what it means and when you should contact us.  If your symptoms return, get worse, or do not improve, during the timeframe agreed with your clinician, you will be able to request a follow-up outpatient appointment.


How to request an appointment

You should contact the Centralised Outpatient Services Patient Contact Centre on 0300 555 0103 or visit

Please let the Call Handler know that you are on a patient-initiated follow-up pathway and would like to instigate a follow-up appointment with your specialty team.

You will either be added to a waiting list and an appointment made for you as soon as possible, or the specialty team will contact you directly to discuss your condition. 

If your symptoms return, get worse or do not improve after the patient-initiated follow-up period has passed, you should contact your GP who may decide to make a new referral to the relevant specialty.