Patient entertainment systemsYou are now able to access a Trust provided public WiFi service for using your own mobile device or laptop.

You can bring in your own devices and access your own providers internet network. However, we cannot accept responsibility for the safety or signal strength of your device.

Instructions on accessing the WiFi are available, download

  or ask a member of staff, if required. 

Terms and Conditions for use of NHS WiFi Network

Please note the following terms and conditions of use:

  1. North Bristol NHS Trust is not responsible for the loss, misuse or theft of any information, passwords or other data transmitted by users through the North Bristol Trust Guest Access.
  2. North Bristol NHS Trust does not guarantee the security, the confidentiality or the integrity of the user's information on the North Bristol Trust’s Guest Wireless Network
  3. North Bristol Trust Guest Access is provided without encryption and is therefore not classified as a secure means of access therefore users access this wireless network at their own risk.
  4. Sites which are deemed to contain unsuitable material will be blocked.
  5. The reproduction, upload or download of information (of which North Bristol NHS Trust guest does not hold the copyright or responsibility) is illegal without permission from the copyright holder.
  6. The display of offensive material in any publicly accessible area, which includes a computer monitor or a public printer, is strictly prohibited.
  7. It is a breach of legislation and therefore Trust Policy for a user to deliberately perform any act that will impair the operation of any electronic system or network. This includes the wilful or ignorant wasting of system or network resources by sending large volumes of spam, generating large volumes of printed output, or the wilful creation of heavy network traffic.
  8. Network users are prohibited from installing network communication devices that provide for simultaneous access by more than one Ethernet device via a North Bristol Trust Data Network port. Network services and wiring may not be modified or extended beyond their intended use.
  9. Any Devices which are network intrusive and could potentially interrupt network services, or change North Bristol Trusts’ Data Network topology in any way are prohibited. Prohibited devices include but are not limited to port splitters, hubs, switches, routers, wireless access points, multi-homed PC's and packet/data monitoring equipment/software.
  10. Restrictions have been placed on any Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing application technology.
  11. The NBT Guest Access Network is not to be used for commercial gain by any user or third party.