Maternity Friends & Family Test

Will you help us?

When you complete the Maternity Friends and Family Test (FFT) questions you help us to understand what your experience was like it’s really important for us to be able to deliver a great service that meets your expectations and gives you a great experience. When you give us your feedback we can improve our services for future mums, partners and families.

What is the FFT?

You will be asked two questions each time– that’s all.

1. How likely are you to recommend our service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?

You choose which of the following answers is how you feel:

  • Extremely Likely
  • Likely
  • Neither likely nor Unlikely
  • Unlikely
  • Extremely Unlikely
  • Don’t Know

2. Please can you tell us the main reason for the answer you have chosen?

This is where you can provide more detail around the things that influenced your answer to question 1. The more detail you can give here the better.

When and how will I be asked these questions?

You will be surveyed on three occasions:

  • Antenatal care – following your 36 week antenatal appointment
  • Birth and care on the postnatal ward – you will be surveyed at or shortly after discharge from the ward/birth centre/following a home birth.
  • Postnatal community care – you will be surveyed at discharge from the care of the community midwifery team to the care of the health visitor/GP (usually at 10 days postnatal)

How do I know what you’ve done with the feedback you get?

All of our departments display a poster which tells you how many people would recommend our services in addition to some of the things people have told us about their experience and what we have done to improve that.