General (Acute) Surgery - For Clinicians

Booking team for Outpatients
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General Manager
Karen Brown

Assistant General Manager
Niall Prosser

Support Managers
Laura Borg
Jack Brimson

Surgical Teams

Clinical Director
Ms Anne Pullyblank

General Surgery Consultants

Upper GI
Mr C Armstrong
Mr C Wong
Mr J Hewes plus Bariatric Surgery
Ms S Norton plus Bariatric surgery

Staff Grade
Mr N. Arvind

Secretaries for Upper GI team

Susan Sheffe
Telephone: 0117 4140834

Jo Miles
Telephone: 0114 4140837

Co-ordinators for Bariatric services

Pauline Clifford
Telephone: 0117 4140855

Diane Smith
Telephone: 0117 4140854

Lower GI (colorectal)

Mr A Roe
Mr A Dixon
Ms A Pullyblank
Ms A Lyons
Ms C Burt
Ms K. Mc Carthy

Secretaries for Lower GI
Yvonne James
Telephone: 0117 4140828

Jane Heaven
Telephone: 0117 4140835

Lindy Shoebottom
Telephone: 0117 4140838

Vascular surgery

Mr A Baker
Mr A Weale
Mr W Neary
Mr D Mitchell

Secretaries for Vascular surgery

Janice Davies
Telephone: 0117 4140841

Joan Barnard
Telephone: 0117 4140826

Endocrine and Transplant

Mr J Morgan
Ms A Edwards

Secretary for Endocrine 
Julie Clash
Telephone: 0117 4140825

Transplant and general surgery

Mr N Kadi


Jo Miles
Telephone: 0117 4140837

Waiting list Co-Ordinators – Booking Team for “One Stop Hernia” Service

Liz hedges
Telephone: 0117 4148801

Sarah Crimp
Telephone: 0117 4148801

General (Acute) Surgery - For Clinicians