Pharmacy - For Clinicians

The Medicines Information Service has been established for over 20 years.

It provides evaluated information and advice regarding all aspects of medicine use to doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. Information is also supplied to patients and members of the public where it is relating to specific treatments prescribed by North Bristol NHS Trust. 

Examples of enquiries handled by the Medicines Information Service include;

  • Treatment Choice
  • Adverse Reactions to Medicines
  • Interactions between Medicines
  • Administration and Compatibilities of IV solutions
  • Medicines Dosing and Administration
  • Safety of Medicines in Pregnancy or Lactating Mothers
  • Safety of Medicines in Impaired Renal (kidney) or Hepatic (liver) Function
  • Identification of Foreign Medicines
  • Policies around the Best use of Medicines.

Medicines Information makes the most of on-line resources and other new information technology, operating under the guidance of UKMi ( ) its national body setting high standards for advice supplied.

Pharmacy - For Clinicians