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Diabetes & Endocrinology Referrals

Diabetes Rapid Access Clinic (DRAC)

The indications for referral to DRAC are:

  • Newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes
  • Newly pregnant with type 1 or type 2 diabetes
  • Recent hyperglycaemia secondary to acute inter-current illness
  • Recent severe and/or frequent hypoglycaemia

DRAC referrals will only be accepted following discussion with the Diabetes Specialist Nurses first. Please contact us via the DRAC phone: 07500 027385 (DRAC Service available Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm).  

Once the referral is accepted, please send written details to; diabetesspecialistnurse@nbt.nhs.uk

Planning Pregnancy / Pregnancy in Diabetes

Diabetes in pregnancy is associated with a higher risk of complications to mother and foetus. It is vital that pregnancies are well planned, as the diabetes control around the time of conception can affect the risk of these complications.

Please refer any patients thinking about pregnancy to the pre-pregnancy counselling clinic via the e-referral system. In the meantime, please counsel patients to use contraception until HbA1c <48mmol/mol if safely achieved, start folic acid 5mg and review other medications to ensure they are safe during pregnancy.

Please refer patients already pregnant to the diabetes antenatal clinic as soon as pregnancy is confirmed. Please refer via the Diabetes Rapid Access phone: 07500 027385 and then send written details to diabetesspecialistnurse@nbt.nhs.uk

Diabetes Foot Clinic

A Consultant-led diabetes foot service is delivered at Southmead Hospital.

Please refer via the e-referral system.

Other Diabetes & Endocrinology Referrals

Please send an e-referral to the appropriate service for all other non-DRAC services, for example;

  • Multi-Professional Diabetes Clinics
  • Endocrine Clinic

Diabetes & Endocrinology Contact Details

Telephone Numbers:

Diabetes Rapid Access Clinic Referral: 07500 027385

Endocrinology Advice: 07710 384933


DSN Rapid Access Clinic Referralsdiabetesspecialistnurse@nbt.nhs.uk

N.B. please only email over the patient referral following discussion with Diabetes Specialist Nurse via the DRAC telephone first.


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Diabetes & Endocrinology - For Clinicians