Tissue Viability Service

The Tissue Viability Service is nurse led and provides advice on the treatment of wounds. The team also advocates the practice of good skin care and pressure ulcer prevention within North Bristol NHS Trust.

At present we accept clinical referrals from acute clinical staff when they need advice on complex wounds, wound care or skin care protection and pressure ulcer prevention.

All the clinical wards within the Trust should have at least one member of staff who is a Link Nurse for Tissue Viability. Under this role they receive training on wound management, skin care and pressure ulcer prevention which they are asked to cascade down to their colleagues. Therefore, they should be able to offer advice and support in the first instance with any queries or concerns you may have. Tissue Viability Link Nurses are now seen as the gateway to the Tissue Viability Service, if they are unable to assist or further advice is sought then they will be able to liaise with the Tissue Viability Nurses on your behalf to ensure all queries are answered.

The Tissue Viability Service does not have specified criteria of what wounds we will formally review but will offer advice and support on any referral we receive, as well as formally reviewing the wound upon request and clinical judgment. If we feel the referral may be dealt with more effectively by another specialist team such as dermatology or vascular then we may offer advice and request the clinical staff to refer to the appropriate service.

Once we receive a referral from a clinical ward area we will aim to review the wound within three working days of receipt of the referral. When we visit the ward to review the patient, we will in the first instance review the patient’s medical and nursing notes to gain a full history. After which we will introduce ourselves to the patient in order to gain verbal consent prior to reviewing their wound. Following this review, we will liaise with the appropriate nursing or medical staff and advise them of an appropriate dressing regime, which incorporates appropriate skin care and pressure ulcer prevention advice where applicable. At this review, we may also make recommendations for referral to other specialties where we feel their advice or expertise maybe required to enhance patient care.

Tissue Viability Service