Infectious Diseases - For Clinicians

North Bristol NHS Trust welcomes direct referrals from clinicians and Healthcare workers across the South West.

We also provide support and specialist advice to colleagues in primary and secondary care as appropriate.

We are happy to discuss clinical cases with GPs ahead of a referral being made.

Treatment & services:

  • Investigation and diagnosis of patients with undifferentiated fever
  • Diagnosis and exclusion of bacterial viral and parasitic disease
  • Imported infection
  • Tropical infection
  • Travel advice
  • Tuberculosis
  • Outpatient IV antibiotic service
  • Infectious Diseases Hot Clinic
  • 2 Infectious Diseases outpatient clinics
  • Specialist inpatient facilities for up to 16 patients

Infectious & Tropical Diseases Clinics

  • 1 weekly General infectious Diseases clinic (2 from June 2014)
  • 1-2 weekly ID hot/emergency clinics (for acutely unwell patients who do not require admission)
  • 1 weekly multidisciplinary specialist TB clinic.

Infectious & Tropical Diseases Referrals

Routine referrals/advice
NHS eReferrals
Consultant Secretary:  0117 414 6405
Address: Level 6, Gate 10, Brunel building, Southmead Hospital Bristol
ID SpR Bleep: 9290

Isolation unit telephone number: 0117 414 0135 / 0117 414 0136

For all urgent infectious diseases referrals or for advice contact details as above or Consultant mobile via NBT switchboard, telephone: 0117 9505050.

Out of hours
Consultant advice for tropical & infectious disease is currently available on a ‘goodwill’ basis via NBT switchboard (pending the establishment of a formal on call rota).

Tuberculosis Referrals

Dr Calvert Secretary: 0117 4146340


We are trying to simplify TB referrals via a central referral system so the details here may change.

TB referrals are considered to be urgent, and for this reason, NHS eReferrals is not appropriate. TB referrals can be made directly to the TB specialists by the GP or other referring clinician via letter, telephone or email as above. We aim to see patients as soon as possible.

Outpatients are seen in the Lung Infection Clinic, which is run jointly by Dr Calvert and Dr Hall, TB specialists with combined expertise in infectious diseases and respiratory medicine, and supported by a  multidisciplinary team of specialist TB nurses and a specialist pharmacist.

We have excellent links with other specialist teams to provide comprehensive management for TB inpatients and outpatients. 

For more information about TB visit