General Cardiology Clinics Referral

Valvular Heart Disease Clinic
This service accepts all patient with murmurs and previously undiagnosed valvular heart disease patients or patients with known valvular heart disease that require a further assessment. Echocardiography is offered during the clinic visit in some services. This service is available at the Brunel building Southmead Hospital Bristol, Clevedon and Cossham Hospitals.

Syncope Clinic
This clinic is for patients with unexplained losses of consciousness, blackouts or near blackouts in which a cardiovascular cause is suspected. An initial consultation is provided then further tests such as ambulatory monitoring (ecg and blood pressure), tilt test or echocardiography. Suggested investigations prior to referral are an electrocardiogram. Exclusions are those patients with classical symptoms of epilepsy or vestibular disease, in which primary referral should be to these specialities.

Palpitations Clinic
This clinic is for assessment of patients with arrhythmias or palpitations. Investigations provided are electrocardiogram and ambulatory monitoring. Further investigations such as exercise testing and echocardiogram are arranged if appropriate. Please be aware the patient will need to be available to return the ambulatory monitoring equipment either the following day on an agreed date, as these are fitted at the time of the appointment. Suggested investigations prior to referral are an electrocardiogram and routine bloods to include thyroid function tests. This service is provided at the Brunel Building Southmead Hospital Bristol with further services planned in the community in the future. Alternative services are provided via General Cardiology Outpatients at Clevedon and Cossham Hospitals.

General Cardiology
These clinics see non-paediatric patients who are suffering from heart problems other than acute myocardial infarction and unstable angina. Procedures performed are electrocardiogram, echocardiography, exercise testing, ambulatory monitoring, ECG and blood pressure. Suggested investigations prior to referral are routine bloods, urinalysis, electrocardiogram and chest x-ray (if suspected heart failure). Patients may be offered same day investigations for echocardiography and ambulatory monitoring (ECG and BP) as available. This service is provided at the Brunel building Southmead Hospital Bristol, Cossham Hosptial and Clevedon Hospital.

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Cardiac Cath Lab Co-ordinator
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Cardiac Care Unit
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Cardiac Catheter Laboratory
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Cardiac Testing
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Cardiac Rehabilitation
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General Cardiology Clinics Referral