LEEP - For Clinicians

Patients should be referred via LEEP Referral Form which should be faxed to: 0117 3408539:

Please contact us if you require any further advice.

Please note that if a patient requires hospital transport this will need to be booked by the GP surgery.

There are a number of other Pulmonary Rehabilitation venues for patients with a GP within Bristol. 

This group of patients should be referred to the central administration base for Bristol Community Pulmonary Rehabilitation, at Amelia Nutt Clinic, Queens Road, Withywood, Bristol BS13 8QA via post or fax 0117 9878432. Download the Bristol Community Pulmonary Rehabilitation Referral form:


Contact LEEP

The LEEP Team can be contact on 0117 4142010 or via email at leep@nbt.nhs.uk.  Referrals are accepted via emailed LEEP referral form*, on the ICE referral system or at: The LEEP Office, Physiotherapy Department, Cossham Hospital, Lodge Road, Kingswood, Bristol BS15 1LF.  

LEEP - For Clinicians