Role of Imaging in Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Imaging plays an important role in the diagnosis of soft tissue sarcomas. 


  • Identify the lesion
  • Solid or Cystic
  • Well circumscribed or irregular
  • Uniform echogenicity or heterogeneous Size
  • Superficial or deep to the fascia


  • Location, adjacent anatomy – vessels, muscle and bone involvement
  • Size
  • Tissue type

MRI Protocol Axial T1, Axial PDFS, Coronal T1, Coronal STIR (Sagittal T1, Sagittal STIR – depended on location.)

For patients who have under gone an excision of a lesion and have obtained a diagnosis of sarcoma as an addition we perform pre and post sequence with gadolinium. (Axial T1FS Pre and Post).

Ultrasound screening of soft tissue masses in the trunk and extremity



Role of Imaging in Soft Tissue Sarcoma