Endometriosis Information for Clinicians

Information for clinicians 

There are 6 specialist endometriosis clinics per month. Our endometriosis specialist nurse also runs a separate clinic twice a month.

Referral criteria

Inclusion criteria:
• Women with diagnosis of severe endometriosis (defined as endometriosis affecting bowel, bladder, ureter)
• Endometrioma
• Extra pelvic endometriosis e.g. thoracic endometriosis
• Non severe endometriosis refractory to treatment

Exclusion criteria:
• Women with pelvic pain and no endometriosis
• Non-severe endometriosis responding to treatment

Patient pathway



Useful guidelines

NICE guideline [NG73] Endometriosis: diagnosis and management September 2017

ESHRE guideline Management of women with endometriosis September 2013

Endometriosis Information for Clinicians