Sleep Disorders Referral

Sleep Disorders Clinic

We offer an outpatient clinic for neuropsychiatric sleep disorders, which includes:

  • Assessment by a sleep specialist clinician
  • Sleep investigations such as polysomnography and actigraphy where these are indicated
  • Diagnosis and recommendations for outpatient treatment.

Polysomnography is carried out during a brief inpatient stay at the Rosa Burden centre.
We accept referrals from GP’s by e-referral and secondary care clinicians by letter to the address below.

We will consider referrals for:

  • Hypersomnias e.g. Narcolepsy, Idiopathic Hypersomnia, Klein Levine Syndrome
  • Parasomnias e.g. Sleep terrors, Sexsomnia, REM sleep behaviour disorder
  • Sleep related movement disorders e.g. Periodic Limb Movement Disorder
  • Circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders e.g. delayed sleep-wake phase disorder

We don’t accept referrals for:

  • Insomnia
  • Sleep related breathing disorders (please refer to your local respiratory sleep centre)
  • Sleep problems due to a primary medical, psychiatric or substance use problem.

Sleep Disorders Referral