Patients Who've Already Attended Pain Clinic

The main aim of the Pain Clinic is to improve quality of life.  Pain relief is not always possible.

A management plan will be prepared for all patients who are seen in the Pain Clinic. This will often involve attending a pain management programme to help them develop better coping strategies and an exercise programme. We can help them develop new skills but they may continue to have pain.

Once the patient has been through a programme we have little else to offer and a review in the clinic for the same problem rarely alters anything.

Patients must be encouraged with the support from their GP to develop their self-management skills and re-attending our clinic should be discouraged. We would be happy to provide support and advice and the Pain Management Team would be happy to offer a follow up appointment but this should be arranged through direct contact with the Pain Clinic and NOT through NHS eReferrals to one of the Pain Consultants.

If the patient develops a different pain problem we would be happy to offer further advice

Contact Pain Clinic

For all appointment enquiries, please contact Outpatients appointments.

Gloucester House
Southmead Hospital
Telephone: 0117 4147361

If you have an urgent concern please seek medical advice from your GP.

Patients Who've Already Attended Pain Clinic