Quality Patient Discharge Results in Trauma

The effectiveness of the intervention in trauma was measured using three indicators:

  1. Unscheduled healthcare attendances following discharge
  2. Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) 10 *
  3. Patient satisfaction

Final results show a significant reduction in unscheduled GP attendances in the intervention group by 20%. 37% of patients demonstrated a higher level of activation. Hospital rating scores and individual patient feedback also improved in the intervention group.

Unscheduled GP attendance within 30 days of discharge

* Suzanne E. Mitchell, Paula M. Gardiner, Ekaterina Sadikova, Jessica M. Martin, Brian W. Jack, Judith H. Hibbard, and Michael K.Paasche-Orlow 2013 ‘Patient Activation and 30-day post-discharge hospital utilization’ Journal of General Internal Medicine: 29 (2), pp349-355.

QPD results in trauma hospital recommendation

Change in activation score after QTD