Quality Patient Discharge Background

The NHS Five year forward view sets out an ambition to support people to shape their own healthcare, make informed choices, manage conditions and avoid complications. Evidence shows that a higher level of activation leads to better outcomes, improved experience of care and fewer episodes of emergency and unscheduled healthcare.

The Severn Major Trauma Network hosted by North Bristol NHS Trust undertook a project funded by the Health Foundation in 2015-2016 delivering a discharge intervention focused on increasing patient activation for those patients who had been treated at Southmead Hospital following serious injury. Results showed an improvement in patient activation, in patient experience and a reduction in unscheduled healthcare attendances.  Most importantly feedback from patients has been overwhelmingly positive. This is now being rolled out across the service, the network and adopted in other organisations and specialities.

Whether it’s long term conditions or a one off stay in hospital due to illness or injury every patient should have the right to be made aware of their plan for care and given opportunity to own this plan.


I'm not sure if I ever said how invaluable the patient knows best and major trauma support service has been to me during my journey since the accident. It has been invaluable to know that there has always been someone there for me. 

Quality Trauma Discharge patient

Quality Patient Discharge Background