Falls Clinic for Older People Referral

Referral Criteria for Hospital Medical Assessment of patients with falls

  • Patients with suspected Syncope
  • Patients with unexplained dizziness
  • Patients with recurrent falls where a cause has not been found despite performing a multi-factorial falls risk assessment or patient is falling despite interventions put in place to manage risks


  • Patients who need Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy only
  • Patients who have already had a Hospital Medical Assessment of Falls in the last 24 months.

Prior to Referral: GP and community nurse must have carried out a multi-factorial falls assessment including blood tests and accurate medication review as per CCG Integrated Falls Pathway. Please include details of these assessments with referral.


  • NHS eReferrals (General Older Person's Medicine and Falls Specialist Medical Assessment at Southmead or Cossham Hospital)
  • Written GP referral letter can be faxed to 0117 4149457
  • For South Gloucestershire CCG, GPs should use the new GPs Falls Risk Assessment and Referral template
  • For community Matrons, Community Nurses for Older People, Community Therapists, REACT team, download: 
  • Please fax falls clinic referrals from community teams to: 0117 4149457.


Falls Clinic for Older People Referral