2 Week Wait Colorectal Pathway

Welcome to the North Bristol electronic straight to test 2 week wait colorectal pathway.  This pathway means GPs can book tests directly and we will track the patients internally as a 2 week wait.  This pathway has improved cancer performance and was shortlisted for a BMJ award. We have provided packs containing guidance. One contains information on why we have done this, how it has improved cancer performance and time to diagnosis.  This also contains more detailed information about the individual tests.  There is also a document just containing guidance as to what test is most appropriate for each patient based on symptoms and fitness. The third is a very quick  ‘how to’ guide showing what test to book for which symptom complex.  There is also a link to a patient information leaflet that we would be grateful of you downloaded and gave to your patient. This contains NBT contact numbers should they have any problems.  All tests whether endoscopy or radiology can be booked on ICE at http://ocs/icedesktop/


Patient Information

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If you prefer not to book to a test or the patient has an abdominal or rectal mass then please book a clinic appointment via NHS eRferral.

Guidance on appropriate test

The below will help you to understand which is the appropriate test to book. More detail about each of the different tests are contained within the packs.


Colorectal WW - Guidance on appropriate test

What Happens Next

The below table demonstrates what will happen following the GP making the query cancer referral. Essentially, if the test result shows cancer or significant non cancer abnormality then North Bristol NHS Trust will pick up the care of the patient and will proceed with possible treatment options. If the results are normal or show no significant abnormality then the care will remain with the GP, although appropriate advice and guidance will be provided.

colorectal what happens next

What if your patient doesn't fulfil the criteria?

The ICE referral system is set up for patients who fulfil one of the NICE criteria. If your patient does not fulfill the criteria you will not be able to book them direct to test. However, these patients can be referred under the 2 week wait if you suspect that they may have cancer. Please refer these patients to a 2 week wait clinic via NHS eReferral.

If you have any questions or concerns about the pathway then please contact any member of the colorectal or endoscopy team.

Colorectal Cancer Nurse Specialists: 0117 4140557
Colorectal secretaries: 0117 4140828, 0117 4140838, 0117 4140835
Endoscopy: 0117 4145070

2 Week Wait Colorectal Pathway