Guidelines for Tertiary ICU Services

Guidelines for Invasive device insertion






These checklists, reports, guidelines and pathways (“Guidelines”) have been developed by North Bristol NHS Trust to help its clinicians make informed decisions about their patients. They have been shared on this website as guidance for those referring patients for ICU services in a tertiary setting. Importantly, these Guidelines:

- are not intended to (and should never) substitute a clinician’s own judgement in diagnosis, treatment and/or referrals; - do not indicate an exclusive course of action or standard of care; 
- do not replace or remove the need for clinical judgement or the professional care and duty necessary for each individual presentation;
- do not account for variations based on locality and facility type, resources or patient characteristics; and
- should be used by trained medical professionals only. They are not intended for use by anyone else (including patients) and must not be relied on as professional medical advice.

Where possible, these Guidelines are developed by a multidisciplinary team of practising clinicians by consensus and based on the evidence available. However, the Guidelines do not necessarily represent the views of all clinicians at the North Bristol NHS Trust or other healthcare practitioners / organisations. Guidelines users always are urged to seek out newer information that might impact the diagnostic and treatment recommendations contained within these Guidelines.

The inclusion of links to external websites does not constitute an endorsement by North Bristol NHS Trust of those websites nor the information or services offered.

Whilst considerable effort has (and continues to be) made to ensure the information upon which these Guidelines are based is accurate and up to date. Users of the Guidelines are strongly recommended to confirm that the information contained within them, especially drug doses, is correct by way of independent sources. North Bristol NHS Trust accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies, information perceived as misleading, or the success or failure of any treatment regimen detailed in the Guidelines.

Guidelines for Tertiary ICU Services