AAC - Voice & Phrase Banking

This videos provides an introduction to the kinds of access methods and technologies available to those using AAC. Whilst the videos are for the most part aimed at those with a diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease, all access methods and technologies featured are available to those referred to BCAS. Choices will be made during an initial assessment as to what kind of technology is appropriate.


Voice and phrase banking are options that allow an individual to store recordings of their voice for later use. When an individual finds that people are no longer able to understand their spoken communication, it is not only the practical side of communication that is affected but also the social and personal side of speech. A person’s voice can be significantly linked to their identity, so when their voice changes a person may feel a loss of identity. A dissimilar voice in terms of age, accent or gender can cause embarrassment, and demotivate a person from using their communication aid. To overcome this problem there are a number of potential banking options, and this video will demonstrate the different possibilities available. In conjunction with the work done by the team of local therapists, the AAC hub service can guide this process and install voice and phrase banking programs onto communication aids.