AAC West Referral


AAC WEST, as one of 15 national specialised services, is able to carry our Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Assessments. We receive funding from NHS England to meet the needs of both children and adults in the South West of England.

Who can refer?

Referrals to AAC WEST will only be accepted from speech and language therapists working with people with communication difficulties.

If you do not have a speech and language therapist involved with your care, then please contact your GP who can refer you to your local service.

Please note we do not accept referrals from Independent Therapists; you must be employed by a CCG or Statutory Body to make a referral. 

How do I refer?

All referrals should be made using the appropriate referral form which must be fully completed, please ensure they are completed electronically and not by hand. They should also be accompanied by a short video and preferably by any relevant and current reports. Please note that if you are re-referring your patient, but they have not been seen by our service for more than 3 years please complete the full referral form to give us more up to date information to aid our assessment.


New/Full Referral Form (To be completed by Speech & Language Therapists only)

Current New/Full Referral Form being used and accepted by the service is Referral dated - February 2022

Symbols for supporting consent conversations about information sharing.

(LSLTs will need to create additional symbols e.g. for specific family members as needed.)


Re-referral Form (To be completed by Speech & Language Therapists Only)

If mounting only is required please use the following referral form (Can be completed by anyone e.g Family members, Friends, Care staff, Teachers etc):



Please note: we are unable to process any referrals that do not have the GP details or patients NHS number or are hand written. Any referrals received without these details will be rejected.

What about funding?

People who meet the criteria for a specialist assessment will have their communication aid assessment and any equipment identified at the end of the assessment funded by AAC WEST.

To find out more about the criteria visit https://www.communicationmatters.org.uk/what-is-aac/assessment-routes.

Our service is nationally commissioned by NHS England, and the service specification can also be seen at https://www.england.nhs.uk/commissioning/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2016/03/guid-comms-aac.pdf


Contact AAC West

Telephone Admin Office: 0117 4145850
Email: aacwestadmin@nbt.nhs.uk

Bristol Centre for Enablement
Highwood Pavilions
Jupiter Road
BS34 5BW
If you are using Google Maps to find us, please use the postcode BS34 5SP.