AAC West Service Products

AAC WEST has a range of products, developed by the centre’s experienced specialists.

The Frenchay Screening ToolThe Frenchay Screening Tool for AAC
This tool has been designed for use by professionals working with people with communication disorders who wish to assess their clients’ suitability for using AAC.

This simple and easy to use tool brings together a range of specific assessment areas in one simple tool. This robust and meaningful tool allows the administrator to look at areas such as the patient's physical access, visual acuity, visual processing, symbol versus written word identification, categorisation etc. The results from this screen can be used to ensure appropriate onward referrals are made to specialist AAC assessment centres. The Screening Tool costs £100 +VAT and P&P (£11.15 p&p for 1, please ask for p&p quote if ordering more then 1x screening tool). The Frenchay Screening Tool can be purchased by contacting the AAC WEST Service on 0117 4145850.


Frenchay Alphabet BoardFrenchay Alphabet Board (F.A.B)

This is a positive finger location spelling board suitable for anyone who wants a simple, low tech communication aid that can be taken anywhere. As this device contains no batteries it will act as an ideal back up for anyone who uses a high tech text based communication aid. The FAB will be useful for any person who is literate but unable to speak. This may include people who have vocal cord damage, tracheostomy, stroke or those who are ventilated. The positive finger guard location means that the F.A.B is the only alphabet chart on the market that will allow people with progressive neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis or early Motor Neurone Disease to access this form of low tech device as the guards aid access to individual keys.Frenchay Alphabet Board

The FAB has been designed to be compliant with infection control standards and is therefore ideal for use on hospital wards or in nursing homes as it is fully washable and MRSA and E Coli resistant

FAB has been developed in conjunction with E2L products. Visit www.e2l.uk.com/FAB/index.html to watch a video. FAB can be purchased from Logan technologies www.logan-technologies.co.uk  or Ability World www.ability-world.com.

Frenchay Eye Transfer FrameE-Tran (Frenchay Eye Transfer Frame)
This is a simple but effective low tech eye pointing system of communication designed for those who are no longer able to access AAC devices via traditional means. In cases of progressive illness, it ensures that avenues of communication with family, friends and care staff remain open, despite other physical deterioration.

The system displays the alphabet which is divided into groups, and colour coded within these. A letter is identified by first looking at the group containing the letter, and then clarifying by looking at its colour. Words and sentences can be built up in this way. This is a low tech eyepointing system of communication, which can also be used as a backup to any electronic device which might be recommended.

The E-Tran frame is available to be purchased on-line from a number of different suppliers. 

E-Tran (Frenchay Eye Transfer Frame), can be bought from ROMPA or Winslow Resources.