Powered Wheelchairs











Electrically powered wheelchairs are available for clients meeting the criteria, there are two options available

Indoor only powered wheelchairs

This type of chair is for use around your home environment, including garden, if it is accessible. They may also be used around School and Day Centres if there is an element of supervision.

An indoor powered wheelchair may be used part-time or full-time to support mobility however, usage must be regular and with a long-term need.

Your home environment must be suitable for powered wheelchair use before one can be provided.

Indoor/outdoor powered wheelchairs

This type of chair is suitable for using inside your property as well in general public.

To be eligible for an assessment for an indoor/outdoor powered wheelchair you must be using indoor powered equipment on a full-time, regular basis for all your mobility.

To use this chair, your property must be fully accessible inside/outside.

Medical clearance from your GP and completion of a successful outdoor driving assessment is required before outdoor driving is permitted. 

A time period is required to allow familiarisation with an indoor powered wheelchair before an indoor/outdoor assessment can be undertaken. This is likely to be within 3-6 months after the chair is provided.


Important notes regarding electrically powered wheelchairs:

Outdoor-only powered wheelchairs or mobility scooters are not provided.

You have to meet the criteria for wheelchair provision to be considered for a powered wheelchair.

Wheelchair provision is based primarily on your clinical needs. Equipment choice may mean that changes have to be made to your home environment or transport choices.

Property adaptations and access to an accessible vehicle are your responsibility.