AAC WEST Training

AAC Modelling

a 45 minute introduction to the best way to support the AAC user's learning.

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Core Vocabulary

a 30 minute introduction to core and fringe vocabulary.

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Pragmatic Vocabulary

a 30 minute introduction to pragmatically organised vocabulary.

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Software training

2 hour personalised training courses for adding vocabulary and editing software.

Local Therapy Teams

Each Local SLT team has an AAC Link Therapist.  We run biannual Link Therapy Days. Link therapists are made aware of our upcoming training days and asked to disseminate this information to their wider teams.  If your team does not have an AAC Link Therapist and you would be interested in this role, please get in touch via email aacwestadmin@nbt.nhs.uk.

We run a number of training days in the following areas:

  • AAC Assessment in your local teams
  • Access assessment
  • Low tech AAC
  • Implementing AAC

Upcoming training days:

  • We do not currently have any dates available for the above training.
  • You can find helpful information and resources for AAC Assessment on our Local AAC Assessment page.
  • Please ask your AAC Link Therapist to update you about future training.