Software Training

It is important that people‚Äôs AAC is kept up to date with new vocabulary. 

AAC WEST offer training in adding vocabulary and editing software. 

How-to videos

Here are some helpful tutorials from the Smartbox website that show how to edit the software.

Click the link for Grid for iPad webinar - Editing in Grid for iPad

Click the link for Grid 3 webinar - Editing in Grid 3

There are further resources and videos on the - Smartbox website.


AAC WEST have created some short how-to videos to help you get more familiar and confident with the Grid for iPad and Grid 3 software.

The links for the Grid for iPad or Grid 3 software tutorials are below.

Grid for iPad videos


- All about Grid explorer

- Guided access

- Connecting a Chat Wrap speech case

- How to create 'Jump' cell

- Settings


Grid 3 Videos


- How to change a cell label

- Creating a 'jump' cell

- Creating a 'saved phrases' page

- How to populate a page

See our Do's and Don'ts factsheet on editing vocabulary click the link below.



Personalised training sessions

We also offer support and training on all the different software we provide. These sessions can last up to 2 hours depending on the extent of the training needed and are run either online via Microsoft Teams or in person.

If you would like to know more on these sessions, please contact us on or call on 0117 4145850 to find out more.