Grid for iPad

Grid for iPad is an app designed to assist with speech, so that users can not only use it as their voice to communicate and express themselves to those around them, but also to build on language skills and personalize vocabulary.

Grid for iPad is Smartbox's answer to having the Grid 3 software, which normally runs on windows devices, now available for touch/switch/mouse assisted use on an iPad instead.  The app emulates much of the same symbol based and text to speech vocabulary packages as its Windows based predecessor, and although there are a few differences in setting functions and programming, it allows users to access most of the same vocabulary packages should an iPad be found to be the best device for their assessed access needs, for example in terms of screen size, portability and keyguard needs.

The following set of videos has been created to outline several different uses of the app to assist in confident use of the Grid for iPad app. Some of the videos in this suite are focused on organizing and personalizing the settings, whilst others will give practical programming help as to how to personalize vocabulary, add pictures and create new pages.  There is also a section on some of the hardware usage, such as connecting the speech case for volume, and how to operate guided access if needing to lock the iPad down into the app itself.

Grid Explorer grid for iPad



Guided access grid for iPad



How to connect a Chatwrap case - grid for iPad



How to create a jump cell - grid for iPad



Settings - grid for iPad