Prosthetics Team

The staff who look after you:

Nurse Specialist - provides wound care, general advice on issues such as diabetes and pain management, including phantom limb pain. She is also able to prescribe medications in relation to pain and infections associated with your amputation.

Physiotherapist - provides the treatment for local patients and coordinates the provision of physiotherapy if you live outside the local area.

Occupational Therapist - teaches upper limb patients to use their artificial arm, and advises patients on how to achieve as much independence in the activities of daily living, such as washing, dressing and cooking. They will also advise both upper and lower limb patients on wheelchairs, driving, return to work and leisure activities.

Podiatrist - assesses and advises you on how to look after your remaining foot.

Counsellor - talks with patients and family members either before or after their amputation. They can help with the many
difficult emotions and feelings which often occur around the time of amputation or if a child is born with a disability.

Prosthetist - prescribes your prosthesis (artificial limb) and provides all ongoing care.

A team of specialist technicians make all the artificial limbs on site and also carry out any ongoing repairs.

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I just wanted to send an email to say thank you to you & your team for making me feel so welcome on my visit last week & thank you for listening and understanding my situation. I also really appreciate how quickly you guys sorted things out with the making of my new arm & the ordering of the spares & accessories I have been waiting for.