Introduction To Core & Fringe AAC Vocabularies

Introduction to Core & Fringe AAC Vocabularies


What is this training?

This training session will be an introduction to core and fringe vocabulary. The purpose of this training is to :

  • To give an overview of what we mean by ‘core’ and ‘fringe’
  • To show examples of pages with core and fringe
  • To think of how to teach use of core vocabulary + give practical examples.

You may be very familiar with AAC, or very new. You may be using a high-tech device, or something paper-based. Either way, we think you will learn something new.


How do I access the training?

You can access the training at anytime online.  Please allow 45 minutes for the training as you will need to watch videos and complete tasks as part of the training.


1. Watch the YouTube video below


2. Download the PDF of the slides