What is AAC?

A Communication Aid enables a person to communicate more effectively with those around them when they cannot depend upon their own speech.

Communication aids are also known as Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems.

At BCAS we specialise in devices that allow people to use a machine to have a voice. They vary to suit the individual’s abilities and needs. 

Examples of communication devices

    Dedicated communication aids
    Tablets running communication Apps.
    PCs or Laptops running communication software
    Multi functioning devices

Dedicated Communication Aids










There are also a number of ways an individual might access a device depending on their abilities.


Tablet running symbol based software


Examples of Access Methods

  • Direct access
  • Switch operated
  • Eye Gaze

Symbols, Photos and Text

Communication Devices can be symbol, photo or text based and often combine all three.   

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