Pathology Visitor Policy

Welcome to Pathology Sciences

There are a number of hazards within our services. These are well managed but it is important that you follow instructions given by staff in the department/s who are responsible for your welfare.

To ensure that your visit to Pathology Sciences proceeds without incident, please take time to read these notes at the beginning of your visit.
The departments within Pathology are busy; your schedule may be subject to change, at short notice, due to the requirements of the services that we provide.

Our services are designed to comply with North Bristol NHS Trust Policies, MHRA, ISO 15189:2022, HTA and Screening Programme Standards and Guidelines.


We ask all visitors and contractors to sign into and out of our visitor's book.
By signing the visitor's book, you confirm that you have read the information provided by us below and agree to abide by the instructions contained within. 
If you are here to provide a service, signing the visitor's book confirms you have the necessary competence and training to carry out the work.

Health, Safety and Security

  1. All visitors are subject to the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and other statutory provisions.
  2. In the event of a fire alarm sounding (continuous ring) please follow the exit routes to the nearest assembly point as directed by your host. Follow any instruction given by departmental Fire Wardens and Trust Fire Officers. You will be advised when it is safe to re-enter the building.
  3. Accident or ill-health: please inform your host who will seek first aid or other medical support as appropriate.
  4. If you have any particular health conditions that may affect you please inform your host in advance of your visit.
  5. Please do not touch items in laboratories unless informed that it is OK to do so, particularly chemicals, biological specimens or equipment.
  6. Please wear any personal protective equipment when advised to do so.
  7. Eating, drinking and the application of make-up is not permitted in laboratory areas.
  8. Wash your hands before leaving laboratory areas.
  9. Please keep personal belongings with you at all times or ask to host store items in secure areas on your behalf.


Whilst on the premises you may come across patient or staff information. This must be treated as confidential and must not be passed on to others in any form once you have left.

Mobile Telephones

Switch off please, unless required for work!


North Bristol NHS Trust operates a No Smoking policy on all of it’s premises.

Managment System

All Pathology disciplines operate management systems which include policies, procedures and objectives in order to safeguard patients, staff and visitors. We may ask that you familiarise yourself with some of these during the course of your visit.

Non-compliance with laboratory management systems, policies and procedures may result in an adverse incident causing harm to patients, personnel or services.


If you have any concerns at all, please ask a member of staff.

Pathology Visitor Policy