It is the policy of North Bristol NHS Trust that all samples taken for laboratory investigations and accompanying request forms will be labelled to a minimum standard which minimises the risk of harm to patients. The Services Specimen Labelling Policy is attached below. Key points are:

  • The patients primary identifier is the NHS number and this must be used wherever possible.
  • In normal circumstances, unlabelled or inadequately labelled samples will not be processed. There is a recognition that there are certain circumstances where samples are unrepeatable. The circumstances and actions in this case are documented within the policy.
  • Each request received by the laboratory is considered an agreement between the requestor and laboratory for provision of Pathology Services.

Requests can be made use Sunquest ICE. Where this is unavailable, dedicated NBT Pathology Request forms are available which should be completed in full.


Test Information

Sample vials for testing

Includes details of sample types, volumes, special precautions, turnaround times & reference ranges.