Blood Spot Retrieval & Additional Tests

Updated on 20/10/21

Occasionally, a consultant caring for a baby or child with particular signs or symptoms may ask us to retrieve his or her newborn blood spot sample to arrange for extra tests to be done (e.g. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) virology, or an Acylcarnitine profile).

We will only release a sample once we have received written consent from the parents of the child, that they understand why the test has been suggested and have agreed to card retrieval and testing.

There will be a small charge to retrieve samples collected more than 12 months ago. Samples are stored for 5 years in accordance with the code of practice (published 1 January 2018) link below.

Please include a consultant letter outlining the reason for the request and including all demographic data for the child. We will also require an address for invoicing when returning the consent form:

Code of Practice for the Retention and Storage of Residual Newborn Blood Spots.

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